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what do you want me to be

This was Yesung’s win on Immortal Song 2 a while back.

I love Yesung’s voice. I really, really do. He has a nice vibrato, like the old-man, tid-bit husky, emotional vibrato that i really like. He conveys the feeling well and he has nice tone. However, I don’t think he sang this as well as he could have. He was obviously really tired by the end. The arranger transposed the song higher than the original, and it’s obvious he’s kinda straining and out-of-control and wavering by the end. His notes come out a little flat. I believe that in this round, Hyorin had sung better.

But he still won. The reason (I think) is this: the peope in the audience who are judging the performance are all fans of Boohwal. Yesung’s arranger did a good job of keeping the original style of the song, the type that the audience enjoys. It was simple and clean. Hyorin’s arranger over did it. Moreover, Yesung sang with so much emotion, and in a similar style to the lead singer of Boohwal (that vibrato-ified, super emotional voice. Kyuhyun has something to learn from his fellow group member.) His performance definitely appealed to the audience. Back to the arrangement: while it was a little too high and Yesung was really exhausted-sounding and without control at the end, it made the performance more exciting, powerful, and captivating. It’s obvious he gave this performance his all.

It really was the ability of both him and his arrangers combined that helped him win this round.

I’m sad he left the show. He’s really really good and fun to watch. An amazing talent.

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